The Sun(Surya)

The Sun represents our soul, government, father, name & fame, success, ambitious, mental peace, leadership quality, boldness, commanding ability, royal appearance, optimismeyes, bone, will power or Strength, confidence level, brilliancy, power & authority, dignity, political power, good health, wealth, warmth, affection, good temperament, respect to elders, kind hearted, kingly, impressive personality, marvellous characteristics, majestic behavior, vital energy of a person.

Day : Sunday
Direction : East
Numerologically : 1
Element : Fire
Color : Orange, Yellow, Saffron and Light Red
Own Sign(Rashi) : Leo
Mool Trikone in : Leo 20 degree
Exalted in : Aries 10 degree
Debilitated in : Libra 10 degree
Metal : Gold and Copper
Precious Stone : Ruby
Mahadasha Period : 6 Years
Body Parts : Heart, head, brain, eyes(right eye), bones, mouth, stomach, spleen and blood circulation.