The planet Mercury represents education, intelligence, business, speaking ability, writing ability, verbal and written communication, reasoning and analytical mind, logic, research, cleverness, friends, speech, mathematics, good retentive memory, argumentative power, intuitive ability, salesmanship, brokerage, journalism, banking, skin, brain, astrology, lawyer, publishers & writers.

Day : Wednesday
Direction : North
Numerologically : 5
Element : Earth
Color : Green
Own Sign(Rashi) : Gemini & Virgo
Mool Trikone in : Virgo
Exalted in : Virgo
Debilitated in : Pisces
Metal : Brass
Precious Stone : Emerald, Onyx, Green Tourmaline, Green Zircon
Mahadasha Period : 17 Years
Body Parts : Nose, Brain, Hands, Tongue, Arms, Skin, Neck, Lungs and Nervous system.