Saturn(Shani Dev)

The planet Saturn represents your karma, delay, old people, uncle, servant, age &longevity, nail, hair, iron, name and fame, high position, health, wealth, intelligence, agriculture, cold, constant, dry, defensive, hard, jobs and services, metals, industries, poverty, hardships, diseases, endurance, economy, thrift, patience, perseverance, power of retaining secrets, permanence, truth, charity, power of meditation and concentration, sincerity, prudence, asceticism stability, self-control, sense of duty towards God and man, accuracy, precaution in all matters, all kinds of obstacles and selfishness and secretive planet. It is said that planet Saturn is a judge of our past deeds.

Day : Saturday
Direction : West
Numerologically : 8
Element : Air
Color : Blue, Jet Black & Indigo
Own Sign (Rashi) : Capricorn & Aquarius
Mool Trikone in : Aquarius
Exalted in : Libra
Debilitated in : Aries
Metal : Iron
Precious Stone : Blue Sapphire, Amethyst, Blue Zircon
Mahadasha Period : 19 Years
Body Parts : Bones, teeth, knees, legs, spinal chord, nails, hair, right ear, nervous system, obstruction of bodily fluids, obstruction in urine and retention of waste materials.