Saturn Sade Sadi

Saturn is considered as the most powerful planet in astrology. Saturn is a Holy Karmic planet. He is a judge, task master, teacher and ultimate decision maker. It is believed that if your Saturn is strong, you will be happier and wealthier but if not, your life becomes painful and devastating. It is a very dreadful word among the common people.

There are two types of Saturn affects on horoscope(kundli) called as Saturn(Shani) Sade Sati and Saturn(Shani) Dhaiya. Shani Sade Sati is considered more harmful than Shani Dhaiya.

Sade-Sati is the 7 1⁄2 years long period of Saturn (Shani). Another related astrological transit of Saturn is the Dhaiya (2.5 years), also known as Small Panoti (Small Trouble), and Kantakshani or Ashtamashani. Both astrological phases are much feared by people.

Saturn travels slowly as compare to the other planets in orbit. Saturn takes 2.5 years to pass through each sign i.e. 30 years to make one round of the zodiac, it is passing through 3 signs(rashis) that make it 7.5 years.

Sade means “half” and Sati translates to “seven” and hence the name Sade Sati.

When Saturn transits through the 12th,1st,and 2nd house from the natal moon where one’s Moon is placed in the birth chart, this is termed Sade Sati.

When Saturn(Shani) transits over the fourth and eighth house from the natal Moon,it is called the fourth(Kantak Shani) and eighth dhaiya(Ashtama Shani) respectively.

Sade Sati is divided into three phases called Rising(2.5 years), Peak(2.5 years) and Setting(2.5 years) and the results of Sade Sati varies as per the phase native is going through.

There is a general belief that Sade Sati and Dhaiya period bring tensed and stressful period, dissatisfaction, disappointments, difficulties, dejection, depression, differences, disputes, disharmony and undesirable results. But Saturn does not always behave this way and it really depends on individual’s chart. For example if Saturn is having as a yoga karaka in your chart, there is no way it can cause all that problems in a native’s life. A person prospers to new heights during this period and will end up giving very good results. But if it is not yoga karaka or ill-placed in a bad house and having all negative factors in the chart as explained above, then his/her time will be very bad.

Most of the people go through 2-3 periods of Sade Sati in their life time, 4 periods are very rare. It reappears after every 25 years from when it first finished.

Saturn(Shani) Sade Sati or Dhaiya is not bad for all. It depends on some conditions as:-

  • Is Saturn aspected of any naturally benefic/malefic planets?
  • The condition of Moon in one’s natal chart.
  • See Moon sign in the natal chart.
  • Is Saturn acting as a functional benefic or malefic in the natal chart?
  • Other planets transits such as Jupiter transits, mercury transits, rahu-ketu transits etc.
  • What type of Dasha/Bhukti running during that time? Is Saturn involved there?
  • Under which Nakshatra Saturn falls in natal chart?
  • Consider how strong isthe Natal chart?
  • How many benefic planets in trines?
  • How well placed is Lagna and Lagna lord in the natal chart?
  • What’s the influence of Lagna on Saturn? that is, if Saturn is posited in Lagna or is it in conjunction with Lagna lord.

So,keep this in mind while studying the transit of Saturn.