Love Marriage in Astrology

Love marriage is major issues in Indian culture cause of orthodox. Generally love marriages bring variety of problems in couple life like social problems, familial disapproval, inter caste and religion issues. Love Marriage was not very popular 50 or 60 years ago in India but it is getting very common now-a-days. Everyone wants to know whether he/she will have a Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage. This is a very relevant question among youths. The concept of marriage is undergoing vast change in India and more number of people are choosing love marriage instead of arranged marriage. Love marriage may be a little bit odd to someone who belongs outside Indiabut in India getting marriage by own choice is still not so easy. Mostly marriges happen in Indiais decided by the family or by parents’will so far especially in rural areas. Marriage is the most important event in one’s life.

So, while analyzing Love and Marriage in one’s horoscope we have to consider 4 houses primarily- 7thhouse, 5th house, 8th house and 11th house and also the planets responsible for Love Marriage is Venus ,Mars,Rahu and Moon.

Now let’s discuss about the roles of these Houses and Planets one by One.

7th house is the main house which tells everything about marriage partner,partnership, sex partner, romance partner, type of marriage and marital happiness also. This is why this is considered the mostimportant house while judging love marriage in Astrology. So check the condition of your 7th house and position of your 7th house lord as:

If placement or influence of planets like Venus, Mars or Moon over your 7th house can give you a marriage partner of your own choice or

If 7th house lord is making a relationship with these planets i. e Venus, Mars or Moon in your horoscope(kundli),then there is a possibility of getting love marriage.

If 7th house lord is placed in 1st, 5th or 12th house than it is an indication that you will marry to someone who is known to you before marriage.

5th house indicates Love, Romance and our affair. So it is also important house for judging Love marriage. If 5th house Lord is placed in 7th House or 5th and 7th house Lord conjunct or 5th and 7th house lord has done sign exchange or nakshatra exchange or 5th and 7th house lord is in mutual aspect then this is a very prominent indication of love marriage in Astrology.

8th house indicates physical intimacy and sexualpleasure alsothat keeps the things secret and hidden. If 5th house is associated with 8th house like 5th lord placed in 8th house or vice versa or 5th and 8th lord is conjunct or in Mutual aspect there is quite high chance of getting involved in some kind of relationship. But mostly this is a secret relationship.

11th house is the indication of gain,new relationshipsfulfillment of our desire, our friends circle and support of our elders. This house also plays a vital role in marriage because this house indicates all the things which one needs in marriage.

The strong connection between Venus and 11th house bring the connection of opposite sex.

Venus is the Planet of Love, Romance and marriage It represents wife and girlfriend in man’s chart.

If planet Venus is placed in 1st, 5th, 7th, 8th, 10th or 12th house in your horoscope then it will push you towards love affairs and depending upon other combinations it can result in marriage also.

When Venus is associated with planets like Rahu or Mars,and then one becomes very passionate and impractical which can lead to going against social norms and wishes of others to marry their love interest.

Rahuis the Planet of anything that is against caste,tradition or social Norms. Rahu is the planet which amplifies everything.

When Rahu conjuncts Venus thenit is another strong indicator of love marriage or intercaste marriage in astrology.

Rahu conjuncts or aspects Mars then leads to love affairs/Flirtations

Mars is the passionate energy in love and romance matter and makes a person bold to take action. Mars indicates Boyfriend in case of girls.

WhenMars conjuncts Venus then it is also another strong indicator of love marriage.

Moon represents our mind and emotion and how we act and think depends on the position of through houses and zodiacs.

If Moon is placed in 5th, 7th or 12th house in your horoscope then it is a very good indication that you will marry by your own choice.

Moon when in influence of planets Venus or Mars can make one very interested towards opposite sex which can also lead to marriage with some person whom you love or adore.

So, whatever I have tried to explain regarding love marriage indication in horoscope some points also keep in mind while analyzing it as :

  • 1. There should be noeffect of malefic effect on love marriage yoga.
  • 2. The planets should not be combusted.
  • 3. The planets must not be the degree-wise weak.
  • 4. The planets must not be debilitated.
  • 5. D-9 chart should be strong enough.