Mars represents our body energy, movement, earth, courage, will power, boldness, confidence level, brothers, sisters, landed property, aggressiveness, war, military, police force, soldiers and army, fighting ability, fire arms, all inflammable products, adventurous and independent, generous, ambitious, leaders, heroes, warriors, explorers, enthusiastic, exercising free will, upright, accommodative and diplomatic, residential properties & surgeons. It also represents Security services.

Day : Tuesday
Direction : South
Numerologically : 9
Element : Fire
Color : Red
Own Sign(Rashi) : Aries & Scorpio
Mool Trikone in : Aries
Exalted in : Capricorn
Debilitated in : Cancer
Metal : Copper
Precious Stone : Red Coral
Mahadasha Period : 7 Years
Body Parts : Bone marrow, red blood cells, blood vessels, forehead, uterus, kidneys, Left Ear, Nose, Muscular system, external sex organs, prostate gland, groins, rectum, colon, testicles.