South Node(Ketu)

Ketu represents our past karma, salvation (moksha), wisdom, magical power, tantra-mantra, accidents, quarrel, dog, name & fame, happiness with children, psychic ability, spiritual tendencies, asceticism, non-attachment to worldly desires & ambitions, master of healing arts, healing of persons possessed by evil spirits, ghosts & astral forces knowledge of astrology, maternal grandfather, intelligence, fantasy, medicine, Pharmaceutical Industries, deep thinking, spiritual growth, herbs, spices, foods, changing events etc. It is invisible and hence it is called as shadow planet.

Day : Saturday
Direction : South West
Numerologically : 7
Element : Air
Color : Black, Grey, Smoky
Exalted in : Scorpio & Sagittarius
Debilitated in : Taurus & Gemini
Metal : Iron
Precious Stone : Cat's Eye
Mahadasha Period : 7 Years
Body Parts : Abdomen and claws