North Node(Rahu)

Rahurepresents dealy, hurdles, tension, enemies, accidents, politics, power, prosperity, boldness, confidence level, very old people, thief, prison, magician, paranormal activities, snake, poison, isolated place, sudden gain or loss, instant success or failure, confusion, in-laws, illusion, incurable diseases, death, expense, debt, share market, gambling, out of caste, foreign land, harsh speech, thinking mind, dreams, hidden science or knowledge, paternal grandfather, all electrical and electronic things like mobile, computer, refrigerator etc. It is a shadow planet which means that it does not have any physical existence.

Day : Saturday
Direction : South West
Numerologically : 4
Element : Air
Color : Black, Grey
Exalted in : Taurus & Gemini
Debilitated in : Scorpio & Sagittarius
Metal : Lead
Precious Stone : Hessonite
Mahadasha Period : 18 Years
Body Parts : Intestine, Buttocks, etc.