Gandmool Nakshatras

A Gandmool nakshatra dosha occurs in the birth chart of a person at the time of his birth. Gandmool are the group of nakshatras. In Vedic Astrology there are 27 Nakshatras (constellations), of which six are called Gandmool Nakshatras. Nakshatra ruled by Mercury and Ketu – Ashwani, Ashlesha, Magha, Revati, Jyestha and Moola are called Gandmool nakshatras which is also known as Sataisa. If the natal Moon in the horoscope of a child is in one of these Nakshatras, the child is said to be born in Gandmool Nakshatras. The type,nature and intensity of any such dosha vary according to the certain Gandmool nakshatra and the specific stage or phase of the specified nakshatra under which the moon falls at the time of birth of the native.

It is said that child born in this nakshatra is inauspicious and faces various difficulties and obstacles in whole life, therefore whenever the birth Nakshatra comes again (usually on the 27th day), puja should be performed. It is also considered that newly born child is inauspicious for father in a short period of time after his birth as well as it is also bad for mother ,elder brother, spouse and cattle etc. If this puja is not performed during childhood then doesn’t matter it can be performed on later in life, but it will be better if you do it as early as possible.

However, modern astrologers strongly believe in Gandmool Nakshstras but actually it is not mentioned in our vedas or puranas about it and that’s why there are different opinions and many misconceptions about the gandmool effects among astrologers.

People afraid of those children who are born in these nakshatras or gandmool. So, let’s come and know more about it practically as six out of twenty seven nakshatras are Gandmool Nakshatras. This simple means that 20% of the population of the world is inauspicious. Does this mean other 80% population is auspicious which is beyond our understanding ! Some of the eminent personalities who born in the Gandmool nakshatras achieved great heights in their lives are Jawahar Lal Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi, Devanand,Amitabh Bachchan, Sunil Dutt,Hrithik Roshan etc and many more successful men and women had taken birth in Gandmool. Millions of children born in Gandmool nakshatra lead happy life from their childhood. They shows that these Nakshatras are not supreme other planets also work and provide us a better life.

So, never think so much that that newly born baby is inauspicious to parents or some other relatives and even for itself. Moreover, Ketu and Mercury does not decide the whole life of a child. However, if your child is born under these nakshatras then you can consult some good pundits(priests) and get your puja done by them. Shanti puja really decreases the effects of these nakshatras and a native may lead a successful and prosperous life.