Bodyparts ruled by the House(भाव)

1st House Head, Brain, Hair.
2nd House Mouth, Speech, Face, Teeth, Right Eye, Tongue, Internal Throat, Lips, Nose, Cheeks.
3rd House Neck, Right Ear, Shoulder, Arms, Hands, Palms, External Throat, Bronchial Tubes.
4th House Chest, Breast, Lungs, Diaphragm.
5th House Stomach, Liver, Pancreas, Heart, Back Bone, Upper Abdomen.
6th House Small Intestine, Appendix, Lower Abdomen, Naval Region, Digestion.
7th House Large Intestine, Reproductive System, Kidneys, Bladder and Lower Portion of Uterus, Urinary System, Semen, Ovaries.
8th House External Genitals, Penis, Anus, Rectum, Pubic Region.
9th House Thighs, Hips.
10th House Knees, Joints, Legs.
11th House Long Bones Below Knees(Legs) and its muscles, Ankles, Left Ear.
12th House Feet, Toe, Left Eye.